FAQ: Newborn Sessions {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about a newborn session with me!  My goals during the session are to keep your baby safe and comfortable, include colors to match the nursery and your home (what better wall art is there than images of your precious little one?!!!),  capture all of the small, sweet features that change so quickly, and make sure you come away from the session pleased and eager to see the final results!

Before the Session

When should we contact you about a newborn session?

The BEST time to contact me is during your second trimester. This gives you time to pay your entire balance within several months, and guarantees a spot on my calendar. It leaves you feeling prepared and ready!

How do we set up a day and time for the session, and where does it take place?

Once your baby has arrived, email me within the first few days so that we can nail down a date. Newborns are best photographed within 14 days of birth. My newborn sessions take place at 12pm, Monday through Friday. I have a studio in my home on the south side of Indianapolis for posed newborn sessions. Lifestyle sessions take place in your home.

What should we bring?

Pack your diaper bag as you would for any outing, with plenty of diapers, wipes, bottles and formula (if using), and the pacifier from the hospital. The pacifier helps soothe the baby while I am posing him or her, and will not interfere with breastfeeding, as it’s only used for a short amount of time. If you have one or two meaningful items, such as a handmade quilt or baby blanket, feel free to bring that as well. I will provide everything else needed for the session, such as wraps, headbands, bonnets, props, etc.

What should our family wear?

I recommend sticking to neutrals and pastels, as they photograph really well in the studio! You can go as simple as a fitted t-shirt, or as nice as a dressy blouse. Here are some examples to get you started:

During the Session

Briefly walk me through the session – what should I expect?

Once you arrive and I have taken you into my studio, I will give you time to get settled. It will be HOT in there so that baby is comfortable and sleepy. There’s a couch for families to sit on, and plenty of room to set your things down. I will ask you to take baby out of the car seat and strip him/her down to the diaper. If baby needs to eat, we’ll get that taken care of first. I typically begin with baby + sibling, move on to family, and go from there…but this all depends on how sleepy and content baby is, and how well the new sibling is adjusting to me and my studio! Babies often need to eat a lot during sessions since they are being handled more than usual – so please expect to nurse or bottle feed on demand rather than on your typical 2-3 hour schedule.  I have a boppy pillow that you are welcome to use!  Most of my newborn sessions last about 3 hours.  Feel free to have Grandma or Dad take siblings home once their portion of the session is finished, or bring along extra snacks and an iPad/tablet to occupy them.

What if my toddler or young child won’t cooperate?

Trust me, I will pull out ALL the tricks in the book to make it work! I have endless amounts of patience, and it doesn’t bother me one bit if your little one is feeling overwhelmed. I have two kids of my own, so trust me, I totally understand! Sometimes we just have to take a break and try again later in the session!

Do you ever do shirtless images of Dad with the baby? 

Yes! I love showing off a tiny baby against Dad’s strong frame. Bonus if he has tattoos.  😉

Can I request a specific pose or set-up that I’ve seen on your website?  What about one I’ve seen on Pinterest?

Of course! I will say though, that every baby is different. Some prefer being wrapped. Some prefer being on their bellies and will fuss if I put them on their backs, or vice versa. I always let baby lead the session. I cannot guarantee a pose, but I’m always willing to try! As for a Pinterest-inspired pose or set-up, I prefer to do my own version. I always ask that clients look to my work specifically for inspiration, rather than someone else on Pinterest.

What kinds of props do you provide?

I have a variety of fuzzy rugs, stretchy wraps, hats, bonnets, and headbands…as well as some baskets and a wooden crate. I tend to lean more toward simple, timeless, and classic rather than really elaborate set-ups. Neutrals are my FAVORITE and compliment every baby’s skin tone. I tend to do a white or cream set-up at almost every newborn session.

After the Session

Do you edit all of the images?

I go through every single image and pick out the best ones for your gallery (40+ images are included with your session). All chosen images receive my standard editing process, which includes retouching skin, smoothing backgrounds, and ensuring correct coloring and exposure.

How long until we see the pictures from our session?

I post sneak peeks on social media as soon as I can, usually the same day of your session. About 1-2 weeks later, I do a blog post with about 10-15 images. Your gallery will be delivered within 3 weeks post-session.

Do we get printing rights?

Yes, printing rights are included to mpix.com. There is also an option to order prints from my professional lab. This information is included in your gallery.

Any additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time! My email is brightsidephotos@yahoo.com.

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