Drew’s First Haircut {A Personal Post}

In a lot of ways, the second child gets the shaft.  Drew’s baby book is not as filled out as Ava’s, his first birthday party had to be rescheduled because I was sick – so the reschedule consisted of five people, cupcakes, and thrown-together decorations, and besides camera phone pictures and videos, the only “good” pictures I have are mostly staged in my studio.  With Ava I took SO many pictures.  I had that point-and-shoot camera attached to my hand at all times.  I have folders on my computer for each month of her life.  Drew has ONE folder and maaaaaybe 50 pictures in it.

Sorry, buddy.

But today, I did not let him down.  Today I took him for his first haircut at 21 months of age.  (Don’t judge me that I just had to log in to babycenter.com to see how many months he is…)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Cookie Cutters on 135 in Greenwood, IN

We had the entire place to ourselves.  Drew picked out his car and settled in.  He was perfectly content the entire time; not one peep out of him!  I didn’t realize quite how, er, SHAGGY he looked until afterward.  To me, that fluffy, wispy hair meant BABY.  He had these little wings that flipped up over his ears that totally just made me swoon.  ♥  Despite this, I think I love his new haircut even more than those wings.  (which will grow back if I let them…)  He looks like a little boy now.  And I’m okay with that.

But he’s still my baby…

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