Henry: 1 Year Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

I think 1 year old sessions are the most unpredictable of all.  Babies at this age know what they like and don’t like…and they are NOT afraid to let their feelings be known!  Henry was easy to entertain and get to smile, but he also let me know if he was upset.  He would go from crying to smiling in about 10 seconds, ha!  He wanted nothing to do with his cake, but loved the bath.

His first year photo shoots are over, but thankfully I will still get to see this cutie since I am friends with his parents!  Always an awesome bonus.  🙂

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cake smashIndianapolis cake smash photographer1 year old cake smash1 year old cake smash details1 year old studio cake smash

1 year old bubble bathbath time smiles1 year old red hair1 year old studio photography1 year old bath photography

Photo Shoot Outtakes {Indianapolis, IN Photographer}

You know what I love about photography, sometimes even more than the shining-moment-of-baby/kid-smiling?  REAL LIFE.  And when you throw together a baby or a child + a new environment + a lady they don’t know (or have forgotten) with a camera in their face, let’s face it…there is definitely going to be pouting, crying, or maybe even a full-on tantrum.  Look, I basically expect it.  I have two kids myself, so it does not phase me ONE BIT when your baby cries or your toddler keeps running away from me.  In fact, one photo of my daughter Ava that I had framed was when she gave the photographer the biggest pout EVER during her 4 month photo shoot.  Because it’s freaking adorable!  And sometimes, it’s downright funny.  If we can’t laugh at all of these things we go through during parenthood, we might lose our minds.  And trust me, I am still able to capture some smiles and laughs, but the real life moments always get me.  So, without further ado, I present to you…the outtakes.  Enjoy!


Jack: 3 Weeks Old {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

I don’t always travel two hours away to a client’s home for a newborn session…but when I do…it’s for my AWESOME cousin.  🙂  She had so many medical issues during labor, delivery, and after… We all know becoming a new mom is HARD, but when you have medical issues on top of everything else, it adds an extra element of difficult.  I SO admire Megan for pushing through, giving her son the best care possible, and completing her law degree.  Like I said…she is AWESOME.  Jack wasn’t the sleepiest buddy ever, so I wrapped/swaddled him a TON.  Traveling and working in a client’s home is a new challenge versus my home studio.  I tend to be a lot more minimalist when traveling, hence the many wrapped/facing the same way shots.  Still, despite not being super sleepy, Jack was just the sweetest little guy.  I am SO happy he’s in our family!

newborn boynewborn wrappedblue session boy newborn

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