Elliot: Outdoor Newborn Session {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

The Hoffmans are amazing, loyal clients of mine.  I have been photographing their family since Grayson was a newborn…and now it was new sister Elliot’s turn!  Despite the threat of mosquitoes and ticks, we decided to do the session outside and it went really well!  Grayson was PERFECT – super into his baby sister and kept coming over to give her a kiss or a cuddle.  Elliot loved being outside in the fresh air.  We all kept laughing at her grunting and squeaking.  🙂  I had SUCH a great time hanging out with these four!!

McKinley & Lynden: Sitter Session {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

It is always SO good to see this family.  The older two girls are always perfectly behaved, and this time I got to see how much the twins have grown since their newborn session!  I love watching my little clients get bigger and see their personalities shine.  McKinley basically let me do whatever I wanted with her.  She was fine sitting in a crate, or on her back grabbing her toes, or laying her belly.  Lots of tiny smiles and looking right at me!  Lynden was more reserved during the session, looking at me very sweetly and seriously until she finally decided she’d had enough.  😉  I can’t wait to see them again at 1 year old!

Caroline: Fresh 48 {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

This job allows me to meet some of the NICEST people.  James and Rachel, combined with their parents, all welcomed me into the small hospital room to take pictures of them with Caroline. Sweet baby girl had to spend a tiny amount of time in the NICU, but she’s perfectly healthy!  Even at just a day old, Caroline let me know her preferences – being wrapped up, and being in her mama’s arms.  Any time she cried, I’d pick her up and hand her to Rachel, who cooed and soothed her new daughter like an old pro.  Caroline would calm right down!  This bond is so amazing to witness.  The few days in the hospital after birth are always a blur, and I’m so glad I was there to capture this special time!

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