One Summer Day {Indianapolis, IN Lifestyle Child Photographer}

Sometimes, it feels really good to pick up the camera just to document life.  Normal, everyday life in the summer with two kids at home.  We stayed in pjs most of the day, drank milkshakes and ate popsicles, colored, played outside multiple times, and various other seemingly ordinary things.

Today was NOT a good day, so as I look back at these images from last week, I’m reminded that even through the tantrums, messes, and frustrations, there’s always something sweet and memorable about each day.  Enjoy!  :)

Alice: 1 Year Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

Another session rescheduled due to rain, and what do we get?  Dark clouds rolling in almost the entire time (minus one small window of sun) and calling it a night once it started sprinkling.  This Indiana summer weather is killing me!  Thankfully Alice and her parents were such troopers and some of my favorite images are of the three of them interacting and playing.  :)  We were even able to squeeze in a few with Alice’s older cousins, who were so well-behaved and cooperative! It was so great to meet you all and spend some time getting to know you on a humid, cloudy evening.  HA!

Enjoy the sneak peeks!

Alex: 7 Months Old (Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

After having to reschedule once due to the rain, this adorable family and I still had to endure humidity, lots of bugs, and the sun going in and out of the clouds.  Thankfully these three were very laid back and fun!  The focus was mostly on Alex – mom brought a lot of cute outfits, but of course I convinced her to do some at the end in just a diaper cover and headband.  :)  I love me some baby skin!  Little Alex was so cooperative and did a great job looking straight at the camera.  She has some amazing eyes!!

I loved meeting you, Cain family!  Enjoy your sneak peek.  :)

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