Brooklynn: 3 Months Old {Indianapolis Baby & Family Photographer}

This ended up being a split session – first half outside, focusing on family stuff…and when that didn’t go too well (hahahahaha, RIGHT Laura?!!!), we decided to get some studio shots of Brooklynn too!  The evening family session probably felt like a disaster to Laura and Rich.  Both kids were just NOT having it…but I hope they were pleasantly surprised at the amount of keepers I was able to get.  I am also glad that Laura loves the real life moments!  😉  Brooklynn’s studio session went MUCH better and she was a happier girl in the morning than she was in the evening!

Laura said this one below is a framer.  Hahahahahaha!  Life with kids, am I right?

Macy: 20 Days Old {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

I hope her parents never get tired of hearing people gush about Macy, because…that HAIR!!  Macy was almost three weeks old, lots of chunky goodness, full head of hair, and bright, wide eyes during her session.  She did not want to miss much, but as long as she was wrapped up and on her back, she was as content as could be!  :)

The McIntires: Maternity {Indianapolis, IN Maternity & Newborn Photographer}

The last time I saw this awesome family was Harlow’s BIRTH!!  <click to see

Now they are adding a sweet boy to the mix, and I could not be happier for them!  We had a gorgeous evening for the maternity session and it took just a tiny bit before Harlow warmed up to me.  I loved going on “adventures” with her and listening to her cute voice.  She’s going to be a great big sister!


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