The Shiltz Family {Indianapolis, IN Family Photographer}

I had a really great time with these three!  Sloan was at my Baby’s First Christmas mini sessions last year, and it was awesome to see her again.  She’s gotten so much bigger and is still SO gorgeous.  We rescheduled this session several times due to bad weather, but thankfully we finally got an awesome evening – sunny and warm.  :)

Enjoy your blog post, Shiltz family!

The Walter Family {Indianapolis, IN Family Photographer}

It has been such a rainy, cloudy fall season!  We were unsure if we’d be able to make this session happen on THE ONE DAY we could all coordinate our schedules, but thankfully – it worked out!!  Cloudy, but no rain.  The temperature was perfect, too!  I’ve known this family since the good ol’ Butler days, so we go waaaaay back, we hang out often, and Claire and my daughter Ava are great friends.  :)

Enjoy the sneak peek, Walter fam!

Vinny: 1 Year Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

Now that we’ve had cool, rainy, dreary weather for over a week, it’s hard to believe my session with Vinny and his parents was warm and sunny!  Vinny wasn’t big on giving me huge smiles, but his closed-mouth / amused look is SOOOO cute!  We walked around Holcomb Gardens and then ventured onto the main part of Butler’s campus.  I loved chatting with his parents – fellow Butler grads, unite!  :)  I think Vinny’s favorite part of the session was climbing all over the wooden crate I brought.  I finally had to hide it under a blanket so he would forget about it.  Ha!  He also enjoyed playing with his football…and checking out the ladies on campus.  All in all, a super fun session!

Enjoy the sneak peeks!

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