Ben: 1 Year Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

Ben has come really far in his first precious year of life!  Born three months early, he was in the NICU for quite some time before he was able to come home.  Once home, he was on oxygen and we weren’t able to do his “newborn” session until he was closer to 6 months old.

For his 1  year session, Ben’s mom and I decided an in-home lifestyle shoot would be best.  It was so nice to hang out with this family of three and see how much Ben has grown and changed!  He’s holding his head up during tummy time, drinking bottles like a boss, loves to hear his mama sing, and is super sweet and cuddly.  I know another year is going to bring even more changes and I can’t wait to see him again at 2 years old!

I included a lot of black & white images because I love the “feel” of them.  I love how it draws the eye directly to Ben!

Samantha: 14 Days Old {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

It was SO good to see this family again, and to finally meet their newest addition – Samantha!  Her HAIR. IS. AWESOME.  Haha.  Mom said she liked neutrals, but was also up for some color combos…the best of both worlds!  I haven’t used a white set-up for a while now and I think I’m going to have to break it out more often.  It’s SO timeless and classic!  Plus, it goes with every room in the house.  :)

Mason: 4 Months Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

I think Mason just needs to be my poster baby for 4 month old sessions.  I’ve done a few 3 month sessions, but now I’m going to strongly encourage parents to wait for 4 months.  Just one month makes such a difference in how smiley baby is; not to mention how well he/she can hold up that head!  Mason gave me sooooo many smiles, and he was clearly very interested in sticking out his tongue a lot too.  😀  Absolutely perfect session!!

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