Ariana: 14 Days Old {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

This session was sooooo perfect!  Ariana has the sweetest little face and very smooth skin, so editing has been a breeze.  Teresa and I went to high school together and it was really fun chatting about where our lives have taken us since graduation.  Her husband is in the Royal Marines – and has a tattoo to prove it – so of COURSE I had to include that in a few images!  It’s pretty much a guarantee that if a client has a tattoo, I will persuade them to include it with their newborn shots.  :)  Tough and tender, all in one!

Enjoy the sneak peeks, Teresa and Danny!  You guys were so easy and fun to work with!

Evelyn: 1 Year Old {Indianapolis, IN Baby Photographer}

A year ago, sweet Evelyn was just a tiny newborn:

Now she’s a year old, but still as sweet as ever!  She scrunches up her face when she laughs, and it’s hilarious.  She wasn’t too fond of the cake, though.  It seems as though 1 year olds either love their cake and totally dig in, or they mess around with it for a bit and then start to cry.  Hahaha…such an unpredictable age!

Jackson: 15 Days Old {Indianapolis, IN Newborn Photographer}

Okay, ready to have your mind blown?  Jackson’s momma is my high school orchestra teacher’s daughter.  I didn’t meet her until two years ago at a 4th of July party.  The party was at my friend’s house, and Katherine’s friend had invited HER to tag along.  We were chatting at the party for a while until I mentioned where I went to HS and she said her dad had taught there.  I asked who her dad was and when she told me, I freaked out.  He was my FAVORITE teacher, someone I still keep in touch with to this day.  Katherine and I quickly became friends on Facebook, and here we are now… SMALL WORLD!  So crazy. Jackson was such a sweet baby and I got in LOTS of cuddles!  He’s so blessed to have three older sisters to look out for him as he grows up.  These girls were so patient and well-behaved.  It was a nice change from working with newborns whose siblings are two!  :D  Hope you all enjoy the sneak peeks!

Ed Staubach - January 6, 2015 - 9:54 pm

Dear Alicia,
So nice to see that your wonderful musical talent with the violin also transfers to an artistic eye with the camera. These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

F a c e b o o k